Legal Studies Department

Legal Studies Department



Director of Legal Studies Department

Legal studies are concerned with supervising the fatwa and opinion oversight, as well as investigations and grievances, who in turn oversee several departments.

Monitor Fatwa and Opinion

Responding to the inquiries of the competent authorities and expressing an opinion on the issues that the various sectors of the Ministry and its units have consulted with, and expressing an opinion on matters related to the relations of the Ministry and other ministries within the state and regional and international bodies.


Fatwa and opinion section

Research, adjudication, and appropriate legal opinion on the topics mentioned to us from the various sectors of the Ministry, based on the provisions of the law.


Department of Research and Studies

Preparing legal and technical studies and research, draft laws, decisions and administrative regulations, reviewing existing laws and decisions, and making proposals for their amendment.

Monitoring investigations and grievances

Follow up on administrative investigations and grievances referred to it, and supervise requests for referral to investigation by the competent authority.


Investigation Department

Considering and adjudicating complaints submitted by employees, whether they are (from an employee against an employee, or an employee against one of the bosses or vice versa) and settling them after investigation with the concerned parties.


Grievances Department

Considering the grievances submitted by the Ministry’s employees related to the annual evaluations, their licenses and the administrative decisions issued against them, and providing the appropriate legal opinion on them.


Organizational Chart