financial affairs department

Financial Affairs Department


About the Department


Providing accounting information and solving financial issues in the work of management and coordinating with different sectors to meet their needs and supervise the application of financial and accounting systems approved by the Ministry of Finance and follow up its financial reports and compare them with all the ministry.


Department of coordination, auditing and review


Reviewing all forms of disbursement, registration and supply, matching the documents attached to them and the correctness of their directives on the budget lines, and preparing periodic reports with notes for the inspection processes for all accounting operations.


Budget control

Follow-up and participation in preparing estimates of the ministry's budget project, analyzing and studying the needs of the departments of the ministry with the Director of the Department of Financial Affairs and working with following up the disbursement and its percentage on all budget items.

 Budget department

Preparing the ministry's budget project in coordination with the various departments of the administration, in light of the rules and actions of the Ministry of Internal Finance, to be taken into account in preparing the draft budget.

 Payroll Department

Preparing the statements of the Ministry's first chapter budget project according to the annual evaluations issued in this regard in coordination with the Department of Administrative Affairs in the Ministry, the Budget Department, and the Civil Service Bureau and preparing transfers to banks for salaries and deductions for the various entities along with preparing a form for the art of disbursement to its account.

Follow up the exchange

Monitor spending and guidance on budget types items with the level of all chapters in accordance with budget implementation rules. Coordination with the different departments in the administration and sectors due to the exchange with the level of all doors.

 Monitor budgets

Follow up the preparation of the forms, the restrictions and settlements of the bank, fund, and external accounts (custody and trusts) to be recorded in their daily books.

 Financial Accounts Department

Preparing the accounting and disbursement entries in accordance with the financial and accounting procedures approved by the Ministry of Finance, taking into account the budget execution rules approved by the Ministry of Finance regarding the work of the department, transferring the bills of institutions, government agencies, companies and people to the bank and reviewing their monthly settlement statements and preparing the final accounts and monthly advance statements.

 Fund department

Collecting the revenues of the Ministry, whether through electronic collection or checks, carrying out the procedures of carrying out the daily collection, and working on reviewing the outputs of the statements of proposals and payments from banks and the Fund.

Department of archives and preservation

Keeping all the original copies of the forms and supporting documents in files to be kept according to the sequence of their numbers after being recorded in the records, keeping records and classifying the various accounting books.

 Control of purchases and stores

Follow-up and provision of the Ministry's needs of purchased materials and equipment, follow-up of the approval of purchase orders by direct order, follow-up of warehouse operations, purchases, tenders and contracts, and follow-up and observe their procedures.

 Procurement Section

Executing all procedures to provide the departments' needs of materials and equipment required by the procurement process in various ways in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the systems followed in this regard.

 Department stores and custody

Executing the documentary cycle for warehouse operations and personal custody, which is followed according to the prior procedures of the Ministry of Finance and the periodic matching procedures with coordinating the accounting of stores, ensuring the correctness of operations and balances, and working on making the inventory on an ongoing basis in accordance with the application of actual balances with the book in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Ministry of Finance.

 Department of warehouse accounting

Checking the documentary account of the forms issued by the warehouse department and matching them with the indicative documents and on that, and working on the appropriate settlement procedures, whether in addition or deduction of inventory balances. Make periodic and monthly reports for the stores balances, make inventory checks and the annual inventory, and supervise the work mechanism from the follow-up audit.

 Department of tenders and contracts

Beginning of preparing the announcement and offering of practices and tenders by the requesting parties for all requests. Coordination with other external supervisory authorities and preparation of the special report by the procurement committee for the works through which contracts and others were made.

 Asset Accounting

Recording the financial and accounting operations for the purchase of assets attached to the approved classification, whether movable assets or fixed assets, updating the assets to make depreciation of the transferred assets according to the systems followed by the Ministry of Finance in this regard, and to investigate the correctness of returning the assets and preparing the entries and related items in this regard.


Organizational Chart