Ministry of Commerce launches price control system 22/03/2022

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced the official launch of the price control system through the official website of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The trade confirmed that the system aims primarily to serve consumers and facilitate the shopping process, as the consumer can enter the system to check the prices of basic foodstuffs in cooperative societies, central markets and food centers before leaving the house and without the need to move from one market to another, as he can compare the actual prices For the food commodities displayed in the markets with the prices displayed in the system, which are entered and updated by the cooperative societies, and the Ministry of Commerce follows them up and scrutinizes them on an ongoing basis in accordance with the global effects on prices and the impact of the supply and demand system and to prevent artificial price hikes.

Commerce stated that the price control system will facilitate the work of the inspectors of the Ministry of Commerce, as it will help them in price monitoring and control operations and control violations of the artificial price increase, which is in the interest of the consumer, and the system will help the merchant in determining the prices of goods and commitment to them, which will positively affect the legalization of operations Buying and selling food in general.

Commerce added that the price control system will be continuously updated to display new materials and services and add seasonal foodstuffs.