Ministry of Commerce: All auditors practicing the profession must register in the continuing education program for auditors for the year 2024. 29/05/2024

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces to all auditors practicing the profession that they must adhere to the training plan for the continuing education program for auditors for the year 2024 approved by the Ministry in partnership with the Kuwaiti Society of Accountants and Auditors.

Furthermore, Ministry of Commerce confirmed, in a statement issued today, that an annual report will be issued on the extent of auditors’ commitment to the approved mechanism and taking measures regarding those who defaulted from the professional program, in implementation of Law No. (103) of 2019 regarding practicing the profession of auditing and its executive regulations, and Ministerial Resolution No. (159) of 2023 regarding developing the professional capabilities of the auditor and the mechanism of qualification and continuous training

Finally, Ministry of Commerce clarified that if auditors inquire about registering in the program, it is necessary to contact the Kuwait association of Accountants and Auditors.