Announcement regarding the final results of the examination for practicing the profession of accounting 11/01/2024

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The Committee for Establishing the Rules and Procedures for the Auditing Profession Exam in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces the final results and responses to grievances for the auditing profession exams. Therefore, applicants are requested to review the relevant department (shareholding companies - Auditing Affairs Department) to receive the final results and special passing certificates.
Brothers and sisters who passed all exams for the October 2023 session must submit the following documents to the e-mail address mentioned below within a week from the date of this announcement, so that the applications can be submitted to the registration committee for auditors for consideration and issuance of registration numbers for those who passed:

- National ID
-Criminal newspaper
- Academic certificate (Bachelor of Accounting)
- Equivalency of academic certificate from higher education to private and foreign universities
- A valid membership certificate from the Association of Accountants and Auditors
- A certificate from the insurance company stating the subscription periods and years of experience
- An experience certificate of no less than five years from the employer (CV and career progression) with a detailed list of job duties
- Certificate of passing the profession practice test
- In the event of issuing a license to practice the profession and registering in the register of practitioners, submit a resignation certificate from the employer, indicating full dedication to practicing the profession.